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C0962 Recliner

  Designed for amazing comfort and function, this recliner is everything you've ever wanted from your favorite seat in the house. The recliner is dual-functioning, with a motorized reclining feature as well as a motorized headrest, enabling you to find your perfect comfort spot. The chair offers ultimate relaxation. Track arms and channel tufting create a modern appearance that looks comfortable and sophisticated.

This chair is available with Motorized Recliner & Motorized Headrest, Motorized Rocker Recliner & Motorized Headrest; as well as Motorized Swivel Rocker Recliner (160°) with Motorized Headrest.

Select your custom fabric and any of the described available options below to make this recliner the ultimate in maximum  comfort.



  • Power recliner & power headrest.

  • Wrap around chaise seat and ottoman cushion, fills gap between seat and ottoman for full body comfort and additional support for your legs. Also safer around toddlers.

  • Available in a vast array of fabrics, in leather/vinyl combinations and all leather.

  • Removable back make moving easy.


  • 34"w x 37.5"D x 40.5"H

   Choose an option below most suitable for your comfort and needs.  A vast array of designer custom fabrics and leathers are available to coordinate with any existing colour scheme you may be trying to compliment.

* Measurements are approximate 


  • Motorized Power Recline & Motorized Power Headrest:

       Power reclining furniture offers customized position capabilities with the touch of a button that allow you to stop the recliner

       seat and back with simultaneous movement to any position that best suits your desired comfort level.  When you've  

       powered back the recliner to the resting position, it's annoying having to move the back to the sitting position for watching           TV comfortably.  With another simple push of a button you can take the strain off your neck and adjust the headrest to the

       perfect angle for viewing TV or reading.

  • Motorized Power Rocker Recline & Motorized Power Headrest:

        All the features and benefits mentioned above with the added rocking recliner feature to be used when not in a reclined                position. 

  • Motorized Power Rocker Swivel Recliner & Motorized Headrest:

       All the features and benefits mentioned above with the added ability to swivel 160° and rock the recliner when not in a                   reclined position.

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Quality Made In Canada



Quality is in the Details:


  • All the backs of our reclining furniture are removable for better mobility.

  • ALL styles incorporate luxurious eco-friendly foam and are manufactured without CFCs, using highly resilient 2.05 lb density, pre-crushed allowing better comfort upon reception of furniture.  

  • Superior construction grade spruce plywood which is dried better and doesn’t warp or crack.

  • The company combines materials and make choices according to the application to ensure strength and durability of the furniture. The wood pieces systematically interlock during the assembly process which creates a strong, reinforced structure.

  • Direct drive handle assisted action - equal weight distribution, because both sides of the mechanism work simultaneously. The other advantage of the external handle is the assistance and ease to close the footrest.

  • All frames have a “L” shaped piece that joints the back of the arm to the seat. This piece stops the pivot point on that joint and reinforces the frame, eliminating arm sway or weakening over time.

  • In the areas of the frame that need to withstand more pressure, we use TimberStrand®. It’s an engineered wood currently used to make “H” beams in houses because of its strength. It doesn’t change with variations in humidity and temperature.

  • Exclusivity on the design of the Leggett & Platt made in North America mechanism, designed to enhance performance, fluidity and function.  More is invested to get a thicker grade of metal, therefore a better quality and durability for our mechanism.

  • The usage of self-tapping screws reduces the risk of loose connections because they actually bite into the metal.

  • All seating is sprung with 8 gauge No-Sag sinuous spring construction.  Five springs per seat, with a metal rod linking all of them for better weight distribution.  Felt is installed between the springs and the foam to lengthen their life expectancy.

  • Upholstered back cushions have unique channeled backs and are filled with 100% new siliconized curled polyester fiber (not recycled), preventing flattening or shifting.

  • Swivel bases are available on most of the rocker recliners only at a minimal cost. The swivel base allows the chair to rotate 360 degrees or 160 degrees for motorized rocker recliners.  

  • Canadian quality craftsmanship, Upholstery that you can be proud of and are built to last.



The following Limited Warranties are given to the original purchaser of the"Elran Furniture product" and backed by John Thomson & Son Furniture Ltd.

  • Lifetime limited warranty on reclining mechanism

  • Lifetime limited warranty on all wood frame construction

  • Lifetime limited warranty on swivel base

  • Lifetime limited warranty on "no-sag" spring construction

  • Two year limited warranty on all leather and leather/vinyl covering 

  • Two year limited warranty on electric motors

  • One year limited warranty on fabric, vinyl, foam and workmanship 

  • One year limited warranty on Battery: regular & power pack, remotes, power buttons for recliners

  • One year limited warranty on electrical wiring and shipping charges on parts


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