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Study Buddy Cabinet Bed

Additional Features:

  • Two tone feature is an option or chooser all one colour.

  • Appealing grooved pattern in top panel and drawer front.

  • The Study Buddy Cabinet Bed when not in use as a bed can be used as a makeshift office with a convenient fold out desk. You will also like the handy USB outlets for charging devices and the AC outlet for some late night laptop work.



   The Study Buddy Cabinet Bed is the Swiss Army Knife of fold out beds. This free standing cabinet bed has a patented design. One minute it’s a computer desk, the next minute it’s a  comfy fold out bed.  The Study Buddy Cabinet Bed is the ideal space saving solution and is a perfect compliment for any home. Whether you live in a studio apartment or just need an extra bed for overnight guests, the Study Buddy is a perfect choice. When not in use as a bed, the cabinet is a makeshift office desk or a TV console and can support up to a 60" flat screen TV.  The attractive appeal in design of the Study Buddy Cabinet Bed will suit modern or traditional home decor. This Cabinet Bed includes a gel memory foam mattress along with your choice of 10 different stains and 2 painted options ($200 up-charge for  paint options).  You can also select from  5 different of hardware handles.  The desk includes a three prong AC outlet with a USB port.

The Cabinet Bed features the largest storage drawer in its category at 59 inches wide, the largest when compared to its nearest competitor offering more storage space for pillows and bed linens. This functional piece of furniture opens into a single, double or queen and can be used as a TV console 

to support up to a 60" flat screen or any other decorative accents making the Study Buddy Cabinet Bed a very functional piece of furniture for any room where space is limited.

Mattress Options:

  • Memory Foam Tri-Fold Mattress w/Cover              (2" Memory Foam, 4" Foam)

  • Flippable Tri-Fold Mattress w/Cover (6" Foam)

  • Gel Memory Foam Tri-Fold Mattress w/Cover (2" Gel Memory Foam, 4" Foam)

  • Latex Tri-Fold Mattress w/Cover                        (2" Latex, 4" Foam)

  • All Latex Tri-Fold Mattress w/Cover (6" Latex)

Available Cabinet Sizes & Dimensions

  • Cabinet Bed Queen: 66.5″ W x 34″ D x 42.5″ H  Queen Bed Overall Depth Open - 82″

  • Cabinet Bed Full: 61.5″ W x 34″ D x 42.5″ H       Full Bed Overall Depth Open - 77″

  • Cabinet Bed Twin: 45.75″ W x 34″ D x 42.75″ H Twin Bed Overall Depth Open - 77″


All but one of the Cabinet Beds are manufactured in British Columbia from Canadian and American lumber, No MDF or particle board, only real solid birch and birch plywood (certified formaldehyde free) are used in the construction. The drawer itself can withstand 500 lbs and has plenty of room for storage.  The bed is very simple to use and can be set-up by one person in under 30 seconds and is  rated for 700 lbs use.  Real wood cabinet beds are also the longest lasting construction mainly because the screws that hold up your hardware, hinges and drawer tracks are securely anchored in the layers of the plywood and won’t loosen or strip, as they do with MDF or particle board.  From the formaldehyde free plywood to the CertiPUR-US mattresses, all our products use only the safest alternatives.  All the premium hardware used is also Canadian sourced for worry free use and easy replacement if ever needed.


You can be confident that the flexible polyurethane foam inside each CabinetBed meets CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability, and has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.  More about CentiPUR-US testing can also be found here.



What really separates Cabinet Bed from its closest competitors is the extensive customization available from stain and colour selection, hardware options, and wall unit attachments.  You can create the ideal Wall Bed to suit your space and all your storage needs without having to fasten or anchor the bed to your wall, unlike the standard Murphy Beds.   

View all our wall unit attachments to complete your Cabinet Bed, click images below for details .... 



  • One minute it’s a makeshift office desk and/or a TV console holding up to a 60" flat screen TV, the next it’s an instant bedroom.

  • The grooved panel design on the fold down front and drawer font add a interest along with the foldout desk to the overall piece.

  • Make the Study Buddy your own by choosing from any combination of the 10 stains or paint at an upgrade.

  • The bed holds up to 700 pounds on the sleep surface, tri-fold gel memory foam premium mattress included. Upgrades available.

  • 5 different mattress choices (6" Natural Latex, 2" Latex/4" Foam, Gel Memory Foam, Memory Foam, or 2 Sided Flipable Mattress).

  • Choose from 10 stained finishes and 2 painted finishes. Custom stains and paints available, please inquire.

  • Premium Hardware with 5 different styles to choose from and optional AC outlet & USB port is also available in all beds.

  • Cabinet Bed features the industry's largest storage compartment at 59 inches, which is perfect for linen storage, rated for 500 lbs. 

  • Cabinet Bed Patented Design allows for easy opening and closing from cabinet to full size bed in under 30 seconds.

  • Easy Assembly allows any Cabinet Bed to be fully assembled in under 30 minutes once removed from the box.

  • No MDF or Particle Board, only Solid Birch and Birch Plywood Construction (Formaldehyde FREE).

  • Lumber is sourced from Canada and Oregon and manufactured in British Columbia.

  • Customization options include finish, hardware, and wall units helping create the ultimate space saving wall bed.

  • No Wall installation or anchoring needed for the Cabinet Bed or optional Wall Unit; unlike a standard Murphy bed and less costly.

  • You will also like the handy USB outlets for charging phones and devices and AC outlet for some late night laptop work on the desk.

  • Premium Internal Hardware -  Hydraulic Levers on Top Lid, Easy To Open With Child Safety In Mind with front safety latch.

  •  Available in Double and Queen, all Mattresses are Certi-PUR-Us certified tested and environmental safe.

Shipping & Availability


The Study Buddy Cabinet Bed is customized for you and made to order. Orders typically arrive in 6-8 weeks. Delivery is available for your Study Buddy cabinet bed in our wide ranging delivery area, please inquire.

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